Meet Our Team

Jacob Baadsgaard Founder and CEO
Jacob Baadsgaard

Jake is the CEO and fearless leader of Disruptive Advertising. His face is as big as his heart, and he loves hugs, improving ROI, and coming up with killer account strategies.

Adam Haining Chief Technology Officer
Adam Haining

Adam is our CTO who helps us build and use technology to work smarter. He has 4 awesome kids, enjoys watching a good football game, and has an amazing wife who helps him coordinate his outfits. Adam used to lead our web analytics before stepping into the role as CTO and still has a hand involved in our analytics services.

John Covey Chief Operating Officer
John Covey

As the COO, John’s mission is to have every client an "Extremely Satisfied Client". 7 Habits certified, he loves helping people develop personally and professionally. Cycling, tennis, and 15 grandchildren keep him on the go.

Dallan Moody Chief Financial Officer
Dallan Moody

With 20 years of experience in the finance field, Dallan has a fascination for positive cash balances and smart fiscal practices. In addition to sifting thru spreadsheets, Dallan loves BYU sports and road trips with his delightfully happy wife and 4 incredible boys.

Daryl Klingaman Chief Revenue Officer
Daryl Klingaman

Often referred to as The Foosball Champ, Daryl leads our sales and onboarding teams at Disruptive. His strategic mind helps ensure we’re partnering with the right companies and have the right tactics in place from the start. When he’s not working, he enjoys the great outdoors with his wife, daughter, and black lab. He loves skiing, Jeeping, mountain biking, and snorkeling.

Saunder Schroeder Chief Product Officer
Saunder Schroeder

Saunder is passionate about growing brands through digital marketing, and has done so for Fortune 500 to startup companies. He’s a legend in his own mind, and is obsessed with his family (wife + baby girl), football and sweet potato fries.

Tim Hemingway VP of Marketing
Tim Hemingway

With an unhealthy obsession with marketing and guitars, Tim rocks as our VP of Marketing! He plucking loves all things marketing so where better to be than leading his band of marketing geeks here at Disruptive? When he is not working you will find him doing home improvement projects, drinking gallons of Diet Mountain Dew, and spending time with his wife and four boys.

Brittani Hunsaker Director of PPC
Brittani Hunsaker

Brittani has a passion for online marketing and driving results for businesses. She strives to revolutionize each client’s online marketing strategy. She's a huge Game of Thrones fan, closet Candy Crusher, and enjoys spending time with family & friends.

Sarah Rodriguez Design Director
Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah's our quiet, sassy CRO designer. Always well dressed and hardworking, she is one of our client's favorite people to work with. On the weekend she's baking macaroons or is getting fitted for custom opera gowns.

Kristie McClure Finance Director
Kristie McClure

Kristie is our “number girl.” She has a weird thing for 10-keys. When she isn’t making sure the balance sheet actually balances, you can find her doing anything and everything with her amazing husband and golden retriever, Max.

Adam Kaiser Senior Marketing Strategist
Adam Kaiser

Adam is our rock star Client Account Manager. Literally. We finally convinced him not to hold band practice at work, and he still swears that cutting his hair short doesn't make him a sellout.

Jace Ross Senior Marketing Strategist
Jace Ross

As the worlds most okay bass player, Jace Ross (AKA the Bass Boss) loves helping businesses with their PPC Strategy. He also enjoys playing guitar, fishing, and just chilling with his wife and their little dog Luna.

Joey Sargent Director of SMB Sales
Joey Sargent

Joey believes that Disruptive is the perfect place for him because he loves the impact that good marketing can make. He loves talking to people and playing ping pong on his breaks. Talk to him about golf and baseball!

Dawson Haycock Senior Marketing Strategist
Dawson Haycock

Dawson brings a depth of experience to the team in addition to a great attitude and fun personality. His focus is developing meaningful relationships based on growth and results. Dawson owns more horses than anyone else at Disruptive Advertising and has broken multiple wild mustangs. Yes, he's a digital space cowboy.

Andrew Reed Senior Marketing Strategist
Andrew Reed

Andrew is married and has a little boy and girl. He loves spending time with his family, traveling and making memories. He enjoys being in the kitchen and barbecuing for family and friends. He really enjoys watching sports as well as watching his son play. He loves to go camping and spending time outdoors.

Micah Peterson Senior Marketing Strategist
Micah Peterson

Micah loves being active and staying fit. You can find him every morning at the gym. He has two little boys 10 and 7 that he loves spending time with. He also loves golf, wake surfing, hiking, and pickleball. He's also a HUGE movie and fantasy geek.

Dale Wood Senior Marketing Strategist
Dale Wood

After giving up his dreams of being a professional baseball player/golfer/rugby player and fisherman, Dale moved into corporate America. He has spent most of his career in the Outdoor Industry helping companies grow their online and retail presence. When not at work he will likely be hiking the backcountry of Utah or working on his golf game.

Cory McEwan VP of Operations
Cory McEwan

Cory has been in the Digital Marketing industry for a decade, and is in charge of making our team as efficient as possible.

He's an avid Utah Jazz fan, and he loves to golf.

Craig Wakefield VP of eCommerce
Craig Wakefield

You may find Craig in full camo at 10,000 feet with his bow, or in tails out on the dance floor.

Relationship management and marketing are his forte. He has a knack for blending art and science to grow business and create success.

Brandt Whiting Marketing Consultant Director
Brandt Whiting

Brandt is our world traveller, recently going on a 7 month trip through Asia, Africa and Central America. You can find him running races and playing volleyball during the summer and jumping in frozen lakes during the winter, all while killing it for his clients.

Colby Zimmerman VP of Lead Gen
Colby Zimmerman

Colby is our wiffle ball super star! Always on top of his tasks, he's well loved by his clients and everyone at Disruptive. He's known in the office for his giant tub of protein powder and eternal love for softball.

Chelsea Taele Marketing Consultant
Chelsea Taele

Chelsea is a mom of 3 blonde, blue-eyed kids, a die-hard Avengers junkie, who loves to make wedding cakes, spend time with her kids, and being active. Her gift of being embarrassingly resourceful and mischievously creative makes her a great marketing consultant. Chelsea loves her clients and working with them to be successful.

Patrick Francom Marketing Consultant
Patrick Francom

Patrick has an obsession with strategy. Whether it’s in games, war or SEM. When he’s not making clients happy he’s gaming, kickboxing or playing with his wife and baby girl.

Chad de Lisle Marketing Consultant Director
Chad de Lisle

Chad is a Small Business Guru 8 years in the making. When he isn't checking his coworker's email threads for grammar, he's planning his weekly Dungeons & Dragons game or shredding on guitar.

Brad Hunt Marketing Consultant
Brad Hunt

Brad is one of our killer account strategists. His background has covered everything from paid search to email marketing and SEO.

When out of office, you can usually find him fly fishing or eating a bag of gushers.

Allison Otting Senior UI Designer
Allison Otting

Allison was our first designer. She loves improving customers' pages with quality, educated design.

Outside of work hours, you can assume she’s updating her dog's Instagram, or streaming her latest video game obsession.

Jenny Hatch Chief of Staff
Jenny Hatch

As the Executive Assistant, Jenny's primary focus is to help the Executive Team better lead the company with the proper financials, reporting, presentations, accountability etc.

Jenny's role as an account manager, social media marketing manager, and accountant along with her recently earned MBA have allowed her to develop an understanding of the business that few others have.

Blake Larson Marketing Consultant
Blake Larson

Blake doesn't say as much as some people, so when he talks everybody listens because we know it's going to be important. He's got the meanest defensive foosball shot in the office too.

Jason Call Director of Data Consulting
Jason Call

Jason caught the digital marketing bug over a decade ago when his band became the first on the internet to reach a million downloads. Since then, he has devoted his career to mastering analytics and providing actionable insights for hundreds of clients, spanning many industries and verticals. If Jason isn't at his desk he's on his bike or playing his guitar.

Kevin Manning Marketing Consultant
Kevin Manning

Kevin is an outdoor man, with a love of marketing. He loves baseball ALMOST as much as he loves working on PPC campaigns. His goal is to visit every MLB stadium in the U.S.

Jeff Allan Marketing Consultant
Jeff Allan

When Jeff is not running stellar PPC accounts, you would find him up the canyon putting in 20+ miles on his bike, or star gazing with his kids. Though he may not be the best ping pong player in the office, he does show promising potential.

Glen Petersen Marketing Consultant
Glen Petersen

Glen likes to think that he's the ping pong champ, but we need a few more tournaments to be sure. When he's not traveling or riding a motorcycle, you'll find him in the office getting results for his clients.

Andrew Coggins UI/UX Designer
Andrew Coggins

Andrew is a graphic designer who's been infected with an incurable coding virus. Now he's on a crusade to make the interwebz look and act magnificent when he isn't busy grappling or shooting.

Jon Furner Web Development Manager
Jon Furner

He does magic. Not so much the pick-a-card kind. More the how-did-you-make-it-to-do-that kind.
You've probably heard his infectious laugh at a distance and never knew that's what it was. You're welcome.

Trevor Anderson Marketing Consultant
Trevor Anderson

Trevor lives for web optimization, the outdoors, and eating out. If he isn't talking your ear off about testing theory, it's probably about that new barbecue restaurant or his latest archery session. Tim McGraw and Ice Cube are two of his top American heroes.

Taylor Thomas Marketing Consultant
Taylor Thomas

Taylor likely hasn't seen your favorite movie, unless it's Home Alone (1 or 2), in which case he'll gladly quote it in entirety with you. Aside from that, he's a pretty normal guy who likes improving the utility, usability, and usefulness (read: profitability) of websites.

Aj de Lisle Marketing Consultant
Aj de Lisle

AJ is an ambitious and dedicated member of our SMB branch. When he's not getting great results for clients, he loves to play guitar and tell people that he's not actually Michael Cera.

Lui Castro Marketing Consultant
Lui Castro

Lui has had a lifetime interest in psychology and the fascination to understand why and how people make purchases led him into marketing. When he is not analyzing human patterns, he loves spending time with his family and friends, as well as designing and building backyard landscapes.

Derek Peterson Marketing Consultant
Derek Peterson

Derek is kind of a digital marketing nerd. His reading list consists of copious digital marketing strategy articles, books, and blogs (which he'll never catch up on). He's a big believer that your worth as a marketer lies in your ability to grow businesses in long-lasting ways.

When not marketing, Derek is likely playing something bluesy on his guitar.

Brandon Thurgood Marketing Consultant
Brandon Thurgood

Brandon loves making data driven decisions. Because of this, he's killer at optimizing paid search and paid social accounts and getting better results for clients. He loves to play sports, hunt, fish, camp, boat and just about anything else that gets him in the great outdoors.

Shannon McKenzie Marketing Consultant
Shannon McKenzie

Shannon’s favorite part about digital advertising is using insight and data to make more effective marketing strategies. She loves Florida Gator football, cappuccinos and her dog, Dexter (not in that order). In her spare time you’ll find her listening to comedic podcasts, changing her hair color or forgetting to turn the oven off.

Josh Hansen Marketing Consultant
Josh Hansen

Josh found a love for digital marketing when a website he made became an overnight success and needed to master PPC fast to seize the opportunity. He is passionate about helping companies grow using innovative strategies and finds great joy in watching those he works with succeed. When Josh isn't making PPC magic he is usually found in the mountains snowboarding or off traveling with his wife.

Nikki Muncey Marketing Consultant
Nikki Muncey

Nikki has always had a passion for taking small ideas and turning them into something incredible, and she loves finding creative ways to help businesses become successful. When she's not at work, you can find her hiking and backpacking or looking for old furniture to refinish.

April Moody Chief of Happiness
April Moody

April ALWAYS has chapstick. Her duties include keeping Disruptive's employees fed, as well as making sure our clients are happy. When she's not making Costco runs, she's probably on an adventure with her family.

Jamison Peterson Marketing Consultant
Jamison Peterson

Jamison loves learning what customers want and how they think–especially when he can use that knowledge to create a better experience. He loves to spend time outdoors playing volleyball, grilling some dinner, or hanging out in a hammock.

Jordan Pace Marketing Consultant
Jordan Pace

Jordan is passionate about entrepreneurship and seeing businesses grow. He achieves that growth with creativity and campaign optimization.

He also loves to play sports and hang out with his family.

Derek Smith Marketing Consultant
Derek Smith

Derek is an Ecommerce testing super-hero. He loves data and he loves what the right data can do for his clients. He’s a Southern California native but loves living in Utah. In his free time you can find him with his wife exploring national parks, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and rooting for the San Jose Sharks.

Chris Thompson Marketing Consultant
Chris Thompson

Chris has a varied experience in marketing from affiliate marketing and paid search to campaign and project management. He loves playing and watching sports, as well as listening to music and attending concerts.

Court Iorg Marketing Consultant
Court Iorg

Court enjoys creating strategies and making them great through the entire process. He has experience doing in-depth keyword research, and has excelled in PPC here at Disruptive. He loves his wife, good food, and the Utah Jazz.

Ashlynn Drake Marketing Consultant
Ashlynn Drake

Ashlynn loves helping businesses grow through innovative PPC strategies. Results and data-driven, Ashlynn deep dives into buying behavior to optimize her paid search and paid social accounts. When Ashlynn isn’t getting results for her clients, she loves traveling, hiking, and camping with her husband.

Stephanie Jelalian Web Developer
Stephanie Jelalian

Stephanie is one of our web developers. If she’s not crushing it on one of our coding projects, she’s likely crushing it playing video games at home, planning her next family vacation, or playing with her dogs and baby. Stephanie likes music, Pokemon, and clean code.

Kevin Lawrence Marketing Consultant
Kevin Lawrence

Kevin loves building relations with his clients while helping them succeed in their business. He loves the outdoors, sports and most of all, spending time with his daughter. Would love to buy a sailboat and travel the world. Also, his favorite lunch buddy is Noble Jon.

McKenzie Stanworth UI Designer
McKenzie Stanworth

McKenzie recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. She loves web design and enjoys any opportunity to play with code or create new layouts. In her free time, she prefers to keep it quiet. Playing with her dogs, crocheting, reading, and playing video games are some of her favorite pastimes.

Cydney Hatch Social Media Manager
Cydney Hatch

Cydney is a polka dot wearing business owner, photographer, cupcake enthusiast and writer, who through her work, shares her personal passions about visual marketing, branding and business strategy.

Rachel Ricks Marketing Consultant
Rachel Ricks

Rachel loved the idea of digital marketing from day one. She loves the combination of strategy and creativity that it presents and she's obsessed with integrating those concepts to get killer results for her clients. If she's not at work, she's probably memorizing songs for an upcoming musical or checking off countries from her bucket list.

Chris Olea Marketing Consultant
Chris Olea

Chris's passion is digital marketing and growing businesses with well-thought strategy. He's a Southern California Native who misses the beach and Disneyland. When he's not being a PPC Wizard you can find him and his lovely wife traveling to their next destination or chillin’ on the sofa watching The Office.

Jenae Frick Marketing Consultant
Jenae Frick

Jenae has enjoyed working in the digital marketing space since 2008, and loves building results based relationships with every client! In her free time, she enjoys long runs, hiking in the mountains and spending time with her husband and son.

Caden Wilding Marketing Consultant
Caden Wilding

Caden loves helping businesses grow with PPC and CRO. He has personally seen how powerful digital marking can be in a family business. On the weekends you can probably find him with friends, tinkering with woodworking, or rooting for the BYU Cougars.

Jordan DeGraw Marketing Consultant
Jordan DeGraw

Jordan loves all things marketing. It's not uncommon to find him scrolling through his Instagram feed looking for the ads.
If you really want to make him happy, ask him about his favorite sports cars. But be prepared to smile and nod for at least a half hour.

Tyler Scofield Marketing Consultant
Tyler Scofield

Tyler loves gathering data because every piece has a story to tell. Using Result driven methods, Tyler excels at changing the way people see your website and ads to grow business. Out of the office, you can find him visiting national parks, camping under the stars or experimenting with new foods.

CalDon Preece Marketing Consultant
CalDon Preece

CalDon chose to work Disruptive because they make PPC accounts rain money for their clients. He enjoys life by getting outdoors to run, mountain bike, camp, swim, and waterski.

Kezlie Halversen Marketing Consultant
Kezlie Halversen

Kezlie loves marketing because she likes to better understand the way people think, as well as help her clients succeed. She also loves to travel the world, spend time with her family, and hang out in North Carolina on the beach.

Melissa Pelfrey UI Designer
Melissa Pelfrey

Design is Melissa's life. She loves being able to tell a story and help clients connect to their user base.
Melissa is also a big-time nerd who loves conspiracy theories and Dr. Mario. She loves to enjoy the outdoors, but not in a sporty way—more like a Bob Ross way.

Jacob Secrist Marketing Consultant
Jacob Secrist

Jacob came crashing into Disruptive eager to learn and hungry for success. He loves putting himself into others' shoes to create buyer personas, as well as being the bridge that connects businesses to consumers. Jacob is an aspiring Goldendoodle breeder, steak enthusiast and Game of Thrones Expert. He loves to hike with his girlfriend and dog.

Marilyn Weeks PPC Strategist
Marilyn Weeks

Marilyn has been working in sales and marketing for over 15 years. She loves being creative and helping businesses grow. When Marilyn isn't at work, she loves to spend time with her 3 sons, or driving her husband crazy with a DIY project.

Hannah Morrison Marketing Consultant
Hannah Morrison

Hannah loves learning about audiences through experimenting with website content and design. It's her goal to share that love with her clients and help them take their websites to new heights. Outside of work, she can be found at the gym, working on either her 2014 Subaru WRX or her 1995 Mazda Miata, or playing with her cats.

Grant Jenkins Data Scientist
Grant Jenkins

With extensive mathematics knowledge and business acumen; Grant is focused on finding patterns and analyzing data , and consulting business systems to improve overall efficiency.

Joshua Lynch Video Production Specialist
Joshua Lynch

Outside of creating motion graphics for Disruptive, Joshua is a fashion and product photographer. He loves trips to La Jolla for surfing and extremely short walks on the beach. His nerdy side takes over his free time, you can ask him whatever that means.

Stefan Kapetanovic Data Insights Product Manager
Stefan Kapetanovic

Stefan comes from a technical computer engineering background and loves to use his past experiences to advance data products. His creativity and leadership will always have your best interest at heart as you work toward a common goal. He enjoys spending time with family, traveling the world, staying active, and trying new things.

Blake Warnick UI Designer
Blake Warnick

Blake absolutely loves graphic design. He's been doing it for almost 5 years now. He loves learning new skills and improving his design all the time. He also loves video games and board games and is a total nerd when it comes to Marvel comics and movies.

Amanda Engebretsen Receptionist
Amanda Engebretsen

Amanda wears multiple hats in the office. One minute it is an admin hat and the next minute it is a hat to organize the upcoming company event. Her favorite phrase is, “I’ve got your back!” Outside the office her favorite “hat” is her party hat because she just loves being with friends and family or her sunglasses because she loves adventures outside!

Kelby Gatrell Marketing Consultant
Kelby Gatrell
Katie Rhoton Marketing Consultant
Katie Rhoton

Katie might be the most organized person in the world (she definitely had a filing cabinet for her first grade homework). She has a passion for problem-solving and brand strategy. She's an avid reader, Steelers fan, and lover of chocolate ice cream.

Casey Christensen Marketing Consultant
Casey Christensen

Casey began his marketing career as a child selling fresh garden produce on the side of the road as a 9-year-old. He's since worked as a marketing strategist and loves designing, building, and testing new strategies. When he's not in the office you might find him backpacking, skiing, coaching a mock trial team, or reading a book.

Josh Bushnell Marketing Consultant
Josh Bushnell

Josh is a marketing professional with over ten years of experience helping businesses reach their goals. He’s a strategic problem solver who has a proven track record of managing successful campaigns for startups to enterprise clients. He loves spending time with his beautiful wife and energetic son. He’s a diehard Utah Jazz fan and enjoys playing and watching sports.

Megan Hendricks Marketing Consultant
Megan Hendricks

Megan likes to drive businesses forward using powerful content for advertising and have a passion for watching businesses grow. She also likes to play soccer, explore new cultures in traveling, and spend all her free time in the mountains.

Anna Nikiforova Marketing Consultant
Anna Nikiforova

Anna is a change maker and innovation specialist. She always has an extra card under her sleeve! She enjoys measuring and managing clients' success while building result-based relationships with them. One of Anna's biggest inspirations in life is her father.

Brandon Christensen UI Designer
Brandon Christensen

Brandon has been designing for almost 7 years. He loves painting and drawing. When NOT at Disruptive he’d rather be back on a beach in Hawaii painting or surfing with his family. It’s only by huge amounts of sheer will that he is able to restrain himself from filling the office with pictures of his baby, Jack.

Katie Bowers Finance Specialist
Katie Bowers

Katie knows all too well that accountants work their “assets” off in making everything “count” for a business. So whether its dominating spreadsheets, crossing out To-Do list items or reconciling revenue, she just excels! When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find Katie snuggling with her hubby and pup Cooper, baking or watching baseball.

Courtney Haskell UI Designer
Courtney Haskell

Courtney is one of the members of our design team. She loves design because she gets to draw inspiration from the world to create stellar ads and landing pages for our clients. She is married to a computer scientist and loves to play card games, do modern hand-lettering, listen to country music, eat cereal, and road-trip.

Kaden Laga Marketing Consultant
Kaden Laga

Kaden's favorite part of digital advertising is learning about audiences and optimizing campaigns for his clients. When he isn't tinkering with data, he is off playing somewhere else. After hours you can find him hidden deep in the confines of his basement playing video games or deep in the mountains on a horse or backpacking trip.

Jacob Whitney Marketing Consultant
Jacob Whitney

Jacob is passionate about gathering consumer insights and using them to drive profitable marketing strategies. He may be the shortest guy in the room but he brings big ideas. When's he not marketing you'll find him playing soccer or spending time with his wife.

Natalie New Marketing Consultant
Natalie New

Natalie sports a 'Jack-of-all-Trades' reputation within the realm of digital marketing. With experience in everything from social media management to copyediting and content creation, her current endeavor is checking 'social advertising mastery' off her list.

Bryan Davies
Bryan Davies
Taylor Bishop Data Insights Consultant
Taylor Bishop

Taylor has an Economics background and analyzes everything - much to his wife's detriment. He believes that data is the way of the future. He goes rock climbing, skiing, and canyoneering at every available opportunity. Feel free to ask him about the cinema. "How is the cinema?" you may ask. "Well," he shall reply, "very well."

Jaren Jolley Marketing Consultant
Jaren Jolley

Jaren is a people person, which drives his passion for advertising and ensuring client happiness. When not fostering customer success, Jaren is usually found watching or making movies, serenading his wife on the piano, or schooling his friends in any kind of trivia.

Aaron Lutz Marketing Consultant
Aaron Lutz

Aaron gets his kicks looking at website data and thinking of ways to hit and exceed goals for his clients. If he has to be doing anything else you may find him hiking, watching Utah Jazz highlights, or if its the off-season probably watching a movie from the 80s or 90s.

Quinn McCann Marketing Consultant
Quinn McCann

Quinn loves working directly with clients to get them a great ROI. He has a passion for helping businesses grow and creating a winning strategy. Quinn loves fly fishing. He loves spending time in the mountains with his wife and golden retriever. Quinn is also an avid college football fan and never misses a University of Utah game.

Adriel Johnson Marketing Consultant
Adriel Johnson

Adriel loves entrepreneurship and helping scale small to medium size businesses. He always champions the idea of making data-based marketing decisions and accurately analyzing data to draw the correct conclusions. Outside of marketing, he's very passionate about outdoor activities like rock climbing and canyoneering and paragliding.

Gracie Callister UI Designer
Gracie Callister

Gracie loves the variety of clients at Disruptive that keeps design work interesting and different every day. In her free time she loves to listen to true crime and comedy podcasts, paint and decorate her home, and watch her husband bake her bread. She knows that Bigfoot is real and out there.

Chelsa Anderton UI Designer
Chelsa Anderton

Chelsa has a passion for producing high quality work quickly. She loves learning new things and comes into work excited to create beauty in the digital world. In her free time, Chelsa loves to hike, fly-fish, camp, and travel with her husband.

Rachel Lake Marketing Consultant
Rachel Lake

Rachel finds thrills in improvement and success, whether that’s within herself or for her clients. When she’s not marketing, she’s skiing on the slopes, hiking in the mountains, or watching an Office rerun with her husband.

Josh Jenkins Analytics Consultant
Josh Jenkins

Josh feeds off value, which is why he loves his job. Not only will he help you track your leads to the ads they came from, but he’ll also track your sales to their source. He and his wife love camping and backpacking with their two golden retrievers, Milo and Otis.

Skyler Munson Marketing Consultant
Skyler Munson

Skyler believes that digital is the now and the future of necessary advertising and marketing efforts. He is intrigued by the strategies that help companies to grow, and loves finding the unique thing each business needs to make that happen. He loves to go to concerts, travel the world and play sports as much as he watches them.

Brian Christensen Marketing Consultant
Brian Christensen

Brian has a background in science and e-commerce, giving him a unique analytical and business mind. The only things he loves more than helping grow his clients' businesses are sports (specifically the San Jose Sharks and Tom Brady), fitness, all things automotive and Utah's beautiful outdoors.

Isaak Roundy Marketing Consultant
Isaak Roundy

Isaak loves working at Disruptive because it gives him the opportunity to create engaging ads that catch the attention of people from all over the country. He came to us from Gilbert, AZ, but was born and bred here in Utah under the watchful eye of the Oquirrh Mountains. He loves college sports, skiing and french fries.

Jon Read Marketing Consultant
Jon Read

Jon loves to work in advertising because it's exciting and he gets to be intimately connected to customers. Outside of advertising he loves his family, the outdoors, travel, team sports, and spicy food.

Amy Otteson Marketing Consultant
Amy Otteson

Though her chief ambition is to one day require that every business tests their ideas, Amy busies herself in the meantime analyzing websites by digging deep, getting in the mind of the buyer, and producing results. On the weekends she enjoys backpacking, yoga, and reading. You will also never see her turn down the chance to love on a Goldendoodle.

Annie Bateman Motion Graphics Designer
Annie Bateman

Annie loves all things design and art, specifically motion graphics. She has a passion for creating, problem solving, and learning. She passes the time by listening to true crime podcasts and classic rock music. Annie loves movies and TV shows and has an unhealthy obsession with IMDb to look up facts and trivia about her favorite shows and movies.

Devin Blakey Senior Marketing Strategist
Devin Blakey

Devin loves getting to know people and building new relationships. He is not afraid to talk to anyone. He loves sports with BYU being who he cheers for even if they don't win much. Devin enjoys outside whether it's playing golf, softball, running spartan races, hiking, biking or enjoying his Polaris razor.

Preston Brown Marketing Consultant
Preston Brown

Preston loves working as a marketing consultant and talking to our clients every day. Preston is also a notorious sneaker-head and he loves to vacation with his family at Disney World.

McKay May Marketing Consultant
McKay May

Mckay is grateful to be a part of the Disruptive Family. When he's not working on your account improving ROI, you will find him with his wife & daughter either watching movies, playing hide & seek, or saving damsels from dragons.

Brett Murdock Marketing Consultant
Brett Murdock

Brett has 5 years of industry experience building b2b relationships and working in entertainment marketing. He has a passion for electronic dance music and as a DJ spends most of his free time making beats in his bedroom studio. Brett also takes pride in being a root beer connoisseur.

Madelyn Brown Marketing Consultant
Madelyn Brown

Madelyn loves helping businesses grow & seeing results. She is a self-proclaimed movie critic & loves to spend time outdoors camping, hammocking, & rock climbing. Other than PPC, her passion is quoting the Office constantly.

Cydne Robinson Marketing Consultant
Cydne Robinson

Cydne loves the strategy behind how to speak to specific audiences through targeting and helping businesses become even more successful than they were from their marketing efforts. When she is out of the office, you will find her spending time with her husband and two adopted kittens, or searching for cheap flights for their next travel destination.

Tim Dillard Marketing Consultant
Tim Dillard

Tim works in online advertising because there is always something new to learn. If you stop evolving, learning, and testing, you will fall behind and fail. Disruptive seemed like the place to be to allow for growth. Tim's free time is mostly family time with his wife and 5 sons. He loves all things football, especially the Washington Huskies.

Tomas Cabeza Marketing Consultant
Tomas Cabeza

Tomas is passionate about advertising, business strategy, & marketing as a whole. He loves executing data-driven strategies and helping clients grow. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, playing the guitar, as well as enjoying the outdoors.

Nolan Haycock Senior Marketing Strategist
Nolan Haycock

Nolan has a passion for sales and entrepreneurship. For the past 7 years, he has helped small businesses grow through building relationships and growing revenue. Nolan loves spending time with his wife and two daughters on their small hobby farm. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, camping or pretty much anything in the outdoors.

Ben Smith Marketing Consultant
Ben Smith

Ben is passionate about marketing and creating business-changing content. As a Marketing Consultant, he is responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that help his clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Ben playing sports, traveling, and telling his dog no.

Nick Glover Marketing Consultant
Nick Glover

Nick loves digital advertising because he enjoys finding trends and analyzing data. Metrics allow him to quantify the impact that he's having on my client's bottom line and help his clients grow. When Nick isn't implementing new marketing strategies, you can find him on the lake in the summer or the slopes during the winter.

Trent Anderson Marketing Consultant
Trent Anderson

Trent Anderson is from Eagle, Idaho. He likes to play guitar, sing, snowboard, and longboard. Trent has been doing digital marketing since 2018 and is excited to help bring clients good results through Google Ads. He loves spending time with family and good friends, including playing Ligretto and eating tasty food.

Caleb Brower Marketing Consultant
Caleb Brower

Caleb is passionate about using technology innovations to help businesses grow. Although he didn't grow up in Utah, he is an avid Jazz and BYU sports fan. When he isn't at the office, he can be found traveling with his wife, enjoying the great outdoors, or most likely watching the office.

Samantha Rugg Marketing Consultant
Samantha Rugg

Samantha loves digital marketing because she can see the direct impact it has on the growth and success of a business. She spends most of her free time hanging out with her husband and their two adorable pups, skiing in the beautiful Utah mountains, or waiting for ski season to start again. She also enjoys camping, running, and rock climbing.

Michael Kim Full Stack Developer
Michael Kim

Mike is dedicated in using his industry knowledge to establish a solid foundation for Disruptive's internal development processes. He loves all things BMW, tech, and Korean cuisine. Oh and his name is a palindrome.

Scott Lockhart Marketing Consultant
Scott Lockhart

Scott has a passion for scaling businesses, and can usually be caught reading a book on marketing or finance. Outside of work he enjoys sports (especially soccer), passive investing, sushi dates with his wife Callie, and bike rides with Callie and their boys Blaze and Dash.

David Jorgensen Data Analyst
David Jorgensen

David is a weathered web developer who loves telling stories with numbers. He will collect the data you need to answer virtually any question you have about your business, and will help you synthesize a killer strategy around that data. David also enjoys baking, performing in musicals, and developing AI to automate everything in his life.

Kaleb Cook Marketing Consultant
Kaleb Cook

Kaleb is passionate about marketing, business strategy, & new innovative products. He loves developing new strategies and helping clients succeed. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, restoring his vintage car, and playing pickup basketball.

Valerie Evans Marketing Consultant
Valerie Evans

Valerie loves digital marketing because it allows her to help clients grow their business and develop meaningful relationships. She spends most of her free time hanging out with friends and family. She loves the sun and looks forward to time on the lake or the beach. Smiling and laughing are always a part of her day.

Kade Ha Analytics Consultant
Kade Ha

Kade previously has worked in data analysis and design. He is excited to be at Disruptive because he loves learning about digital marketing and making good friendships. Kade is from South Korea and loves to travel, watch soccer and play video games.

Colton Llewelyn Marketing Consultant
Colton Llewelyn

I love getting people excited about strategy and finding ways to create a better user-experience through communication marketing. Disruptive gives me an opportunity to do the two things I like; finding solutions and creating great relationships with those I work with. I enjoy traveling with friends, going to concerts, and an intense cycling class.

Kimberly Graves Marketing Consultant
Kimberly Graves

Kimberly chose to go into digital marketing because it combines strategy and creativity to generate value and encourage growth. She believes that marketing is at the heart of all businesses and loves being apart of it. If she's not in the office, you can probably find her searching for flight deals, defeating her husband in video games, or watching funny dog gifs.

Chris Gunnels Senior Software Engineer
Chris Gunnels

Chris helps us build and use technology to work smarter. He has 4 awesome kids, an amazing wife, and enjoys playing basketball and soccer. For 15 years Chris has been programming professionally using web technologies from Python to PHP to Ruby and has held many different leadership roles in his dev career.

Jacob Hale Marketing Consultant
Jacob Hale

Jacob is here at Disruptive because Disruptive cares about their clients or their employees. Disruptive stands out. He loves being a positive influence on the world. He's truly a jack-of-all-trades who loves rock climbing, guitar, singing, video games, reading, repelling, and canyoneering, movies, and more!

Derek Whitaker PPC Strategist
Derek Whitaker

Derek is passionate about connecting with people and helping them achieve success. He loves being active and outdoors. Hiking, boating, riding dirt bikes, playing sports, working out, traveling and really anything that involves adrenaline are some of the things he enjoys doing most. Derek just likes to have fun and enjoy life!