We’ve seen such success with Disruptive’s own Video Campaigns, we’re now offering this service to our clients.
Take a look at the video types that have given us the best results.

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Video Marketing

These days, the key to effective online marketing is solid video content.

But, you can’t just scrap together something semi-entertaining and call it good. You also can’t make something painfully dry and hope that your audience will watch it and convert.

There are many ways to do video wrong, from having it sound too much like a sales pitch to forgetting to include a good call to action. At Disruptive, we do video right by combining creative entertainment with a marketing mindset.

Yes, your ads need to be informative and entertaining, but they also need to send the right message to your target audience. No matter how much you might like your ad, if it doesn’t work for your audience, it won’t deliver the results you need.

That’s why, here at Disruptive, we create videos that are designed to support and accelerate your marketing strategy. We test different types of content to see what your audience responds to best and then focus your videos on what really sells.

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Live Action

Our most effective type of video. These commercials highlight your specific product or service in a way that will get your target audience to pay attention.


Great for when you need to explain something specific about your product or service. They are less complex than a live action video, but still get your message across.

Dynamic Shorts

Dynamic Shorts catch people’s attention and give them what they need to know to get sold on your product in an engaging way.

“Disruptive makes me look like a hero. They’re easy to work with, diligent and—above all—dedicated to my success. We’ve doubled our leads for four straight years!”

Andrew ParkerDirector of Digital Marketing, iTOK

“Disruptive hates wasting money as much as I do! They are savvy at figuring out how to make PPC work for my business.”

Matt BurgenerChief Marketing Officer, Copart

“Disruptive is my trusted source to make sure I am getting the most out of my digital marketing. They take the drama out of the decision-making process and let the data speak for itself.”

Gary LundmarkDirector of Digital Marketing, Guitar Center

Put video marketing to work for you.


Put video marketing to work for you.

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